August 9, 2022

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How Era is Influencing the Logistics Marketplace

The development of any country is associated with the development of the people there. In...

development of any country is associated with the development of the people
there. In view of this, it becomes necessary that science-technology and
research work should play an important role in every aspect of life. A country
can move forward on the path of development only when an information and the
knowledge-based environment is created for its next-generation and adequate
resources of research and research are available at the level of higher
education. So, keep on reading this article on latest technology in India
and the usage of new technology in India below…

What Is The Latest Technology In India?

technology sector is a division of the equity sector fund that invests in
companies involved in the technology business, such as computer software,
computer hardware or electronics, and technology services industries that
provide information about latest technology. Can gain access and
exposure to stock with new technology in India.

Technology and IT sector in India

technology sector is undergoing rapid evolution and the size of Indian business
standards is changing. The global sourcing market in India is growing at a
higher pace with technological advancement in India. India was the
world’s top sourcing destination with a 55 percent share in the year. Some of
the top IT firms with new technologies in India are Infosys, TCS, Wipro,
Tech Mahindra, etc. which have made a huge mark in this sector.

IT trends in India services industry was born in
Mumbai in 1917, with the establishment of the Tata Group in partnership with
the elderly. The modern software export zone, SEPZ, the predecessor of the
modern IT park, IT latest technology was established on 19 in Mumbai.
More than 80 percent of the country’s software was exported from Sept in the
year 1980s.

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Mutual Funds in India consistently deliver annual returns ranging from 15
percent to 19 percent over a five-year period. With such a beautiful
performance in the past, it is believed that these funds will provide good
returns in the future.

investors should invest in these funds in need of diversification. This fund
alone should not be relied upon for wealth creation. Investors who are planning
to invest in technology funds must closely monitor the ‘past 3 years’
performance of the funds. Must have in-depth knowledge of the technology sector
and its future market.

What Are
Research And Development?

to UNESCO, the creative work done in a planned way to increase the store of
knowledge is called research i.e. research and development. It includes
knowledge of mankind, culture, and society and the basic objective of research
and development is to develop new applications from the sources of this
available knowledge. 

and Development (R&D) mainly consists of three types of activities – Basic
Research, Applied Research, and Experimental Development with new technology in

achievements in the field of research and development of new technology in

  • According to the Indian Science and Research and Development
    Industry Report 2019, India is among the top-ranked countries in the field of
    basic research.
  • India also has the world’s third-largest scientific and technical
  • India is emerging as a practical research destination and in the
    last few years, we have increased investment in research and development.
  • Various research activities are carried out through research
    laboratories run by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  • India ranks seventh among the leading countries in science and
    technology research with new technology in India.
  • India’s share in global R&D spending increased from 3.70% in
    2017 to 3.80% in 2018.
  • By making a powerful supercomputer named Pratyush for weather
    forecasting and monitoring, India has become the fourth major country in the
    region after Japan, Britain, and America.
  • India ranks third worldwide in research on nanotechnology.
  • We are ranked 57 in the Global Innovation Index.
  • India is reaching a state of brain gain from brain drain and
    Indian scientists working abroad are returning home.
  • India is fast emerging as a global R&D hub. The number of
    multi-national corporation research and development centers in the country was
    721 in 2010 and now it has reached 1150 in 2018 as per the latest figures.
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